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I like the way Thom Tillis agreed with just about every other answer that Dr. Brannon gave. He said so himself. That fits well with Thom's comment a few weeks ago, saying that there isn't really a difference between the candidates, which Im assuming he included himself in that comment.
Also, I will be waiting to see if he uses the term "practical" conservative in his campaign ads in the upcoming weeks. Im still trying to figure what that means.

Yes, Tommy, Tillis was straining to take conservative positions he would not ordinarily take so that he would not be "out-conservatived" by the others. That didn't bother his advocates in the media/left complex, however.

Why? Because he used words like "practical", as you point out, and "balanced". What does that mean for Thom Tillis?

During his period of service as House Speaker, it means watering down , gutting, failing to prioritize, or squelching conservative measures for political expediency; or because he simply did not believe in them.

That is why the General Assembly has not overall cut state spending. That is why it has not done anything to deal with the issue of the single parent family. That is why it has not dealt effectively with the state's unfunded liabilities. That is why other pieces of legislation that were passed were watered down.

Some good things were achieved by the General Assembly. But these three central, key items of concern to conservatives were left unaddressed.

Of course the Dem/Lefty/"Progressive"/Yahoos want Tillis to be the Republican nominee. They know that Hagan is likely to win the general election if Tillis is the nominee.

Tillis is "practically" no different from Hagan. Such a November matchup on the ballot is asking voters to chose Frick over Frack, or vice versa.

Moreover, Bob, they know that they will be able to pin Tillis with complete responsibility for the output of the General Assembly, and demagogue it relentlessly.

^^ Always. Forever.

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