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Thom Tillis represents most of what is wrong with the way "moderate/mainstream" Republicans conduct their politics and their business.

Electing Tillis to replace Hagan would result in no significant change in results from what Hagan produces. He's Hagan in a suit.

More importantly for North Carolina conservatives and constitutionalists is the growing evidence that Tillis will not be capable of winning an election against Hagan.

However, the evidence continues to point to the expectation that Greg Brannon can do what Tillis cannot do: Send Kay Hagan back to Greensboro to start her much deserved retirement from public office.

I agree, Bob. There are just so many problems with Tillis' candidacy. The most recent?

The US Chamber of Commerce has dumped loads of money in the Republican primaries. Their objectives? To overcome the Tea Party influence, and to elect the mainstream/moderates to whom you refer.

Who are they endorsing? Thom Tillis.

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