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I think it is worth noting that the movement began as a PEACEFUL. Was that movement hijacked? Who funds the neo-Nazi group? I have heard commentary that claims that the Spilna Sprava is funded by one of George Soros' front groups, Open Society Foundation. From my understanding, they are one of the groups who helped in the over throw of the Ukraine government.

The Budapest Memorandum: this makes things interesting. I say we break this treaty. NO MORE WAR for our troops!

Tommy, what you are describing is another piece of the puzzle:


Fortunately, the Budapest Memorandum does not appear to require that we intervene militarily.

My understanding is that the neo-Nazi's in Ukraine were funded from within eastern Europe.

The whole picture is not pretty. We don't need to be involved; and in fact, to the extent we might be involved, it is probably for the wrong reasons.

Its all just crazy! Good piece, Joe!

What is scary, Tommy, is that the American people have no basis to even have a clue what is happening-- unless, of course, they are obtaining information from alternative media.

And here is another interesting item, Tommy. Some information online suggests the US government itself also might have been involved in helping to fund the insurrection/overthrow in Ukraine.

We are seeing a patten here with Libya, Egypt, and the attempted over throw in Syria. I don't see how you can't speculate that we had involvement. Its pretty logical to me. For the most part, we are being spoon fed propaganda and disinformation.

As long as the American people have their iphones, flat screens, and a chance to vote for their favorite "American Idol", they will continue to sleep through the remolding of the world around them.

Pretty sobering, Tommy...

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