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Yes, I agree that Hagan the Pagan should be shuffled out of office faster than a deck of cards being sorted in a Vegas casino. And yes, I agree that her religious affiliation is one of highly questionable integrity considering that the Presbyterian Church (USA) has become another shameful example of becoming part of the anti-Israel BDS movement. However, to link the misguided, hypocritical, sycophantic, mealy-mouthed, bootlicking, butt-kissing, obsequious, two-faced parasite with the over-the-top Reform temple seems somewhat out of context. Simply aligning yourself with a religious institution, despite the differences in one's own faith, has little bearing on political ideology, but has everything to do with raising enough money to win re-election. And that's the ONLY reason why Hagan is pandering to the liberal Jewish community who always, but always, vote again their best interests. In this case, Hagan fits the bill.

Ron, it turns out that the cultural and political worldviews embraced by Kay's "religious" tradition and by that particular Reform temple are quite similar. And the relationship between the two congregations has been highly publicized for years. I think they are ideological compatriots.

BTW, I like your "Hagan the Pagan" label.:)

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