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Why would anyone pay for a newspaper that has such low standards and unprofessional performance?

The only reason for me to justify a continuing subscription to the N&R is the need to provide suitable bird cage bottom lining material to catch the droppings my pet birds are more than happy to provide.

I think that's a very appropriate use for their material.

Bob, I tried for a long time to "hang in there", but it became increasingly difficult to justify continuing to subscribe. Bias, of course, is the problem. But it is a form of bias that trivializes the values of those on the opposite side of the fence.

It's not just that the authors ignore their own online polls (at least the ones I saw before they went behind a paywall) that say that half of their readers were voting for not-Obama. I mean, if they want to focus on a target market, that's their business.

And it's not just that they are a horribly done liberal publication. I can listen to NPR, check out the NYTimes, 'cause at least those people can write and speak in an interesting way. Might not agree with 'em, but they ARE interesting.

But that they're a horribly done rag isn't my reason for never subscribing to them.

No, it's that they say they're "journalists". Now, the term "Journalist" really has no definition -- you can be one if you just say you are one. There are no standards bodies, no test you take, to be one. But that they honestly think they are somehow fooling us when they say that they're unbiased journalists is akin to being told that "hey, you're stupid."

Sorry, lots of people telling me I'm stupid for free, and I don't need to pay $13/mo to get more of that.

D, thanks for a slightly different take on the same theme.

Yes, they do insult our intelligence when they repeatedly demonstrate overt bias; and then try to represent themselves as being unbiased. This is a key part of their routine.

It's just a shame there is no competition for their daily, home-delivered local/regional print product.

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