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TC, that was indeed a gloomy and depressing situation report. Will anything ever shake the foundations of this " progressive " oligarchy in our fair city ? Nothing ? Are we consigned to the tyrany of the PACs, special interests and self agrandizing pols who unscrupulously advance their own interests in full daylight without any acountability whatsoever ?

I guess DBS is now an apostate for daring to challenge the establishment's pet project.

Voters in District 4 should give Tony Wilkins some company on the council by voting for Bill Knight, November 5th.

This may seem juvenile, but Why "Replacements" Ltd.?

Their site offered no explanation that I could find.

I agree, Fred. It is a mess, in large part because we have so many unethical politicians who are able to succeed here. It is Greensboro's very nature.

Poli, Replacements Ltd. is the large business on I-40 that sells used or replacement china. It is homosexual-owned. The owners made a bunch of money, and have been running this particular PAC in Greensboro for a number of years.

Voters in District 4 should give Tony Wilkins some company on the council

I guess the election has been decided in 4 Fred, you might be right but I hear the GOP is going into over drive on phones, are they really worried about me. I have little money and a few good endorsement. But I like to look at endorsements, the liberal paper Yes Weekly endorsed Tony, no shock they pals, that's ok with me, in the primary they also supported the criminal element, no names.
The Conservative cause is dead in the City, the county it seems ok but City is gone. The results will be, Marikay, Johnson and Barber, with lawyer close by, 4 will be Hoffman, 3 will be Zack but I like Wendell, 5 will likely be Tony unless I can pull off an upset, 2 and 1 will stay democrat, no clue why any conservative wants to be on the board, it will be always 8 to 1 or 7 to 2.

Sal, if the election goes as expected, it will be a very bad indicator for the city's future well-being.

One of the big stories, I think, is the flood of special interest money that flew into the district campaigns of Hoffmann and Matheny. They each appear to have raised more than the at-large candidates-- which is quite remarkable. But of course, their special interest politics naturally attracts this kind of money.

And the special interests have apparently decided the direction of the council is best controlled by focusing on district 3 and 4 instead of focusing on the at large races. The rationale is probably that the at-large races will likely go their way anyway because of the nature of Greensboro's electorate, the influence of the various power groups, and our corrupt machine politics.

I like to see a cap on local elections. I spent under 1500 and did a lot, I cant image 30 or 40 thousand dollars for a race that pays peanuts. I like to see reform on contributions from people who ask the city for money or grants, no more then 500 for the election and if it goes over then they cant do business with the city for a year.

Sal, I like the overall concept in your last sentence. If they give, bar them from doing any kind of business or getting any kind of benefit from the city for two years.

Noted in the N&R today that Hoffman was second only to Perkins in fund raising ( $54,000.00 ). That's a lot for a District race. Guess those contributors are confident they will get a good return on their investment

Absolutely, Fred. This is one of the great untold stories of the current election cycle in our local MSM. Hoffmann bows before all the local pieties, so she gets a pass. But she has attracted an extraordinary amount of special interest support for a district race. How could that be?

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