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Zimmerman was a quasi-vigilante. Vigilantism arises when local citizens feel endangered, and perceive that police are not doing an adequate job. If vigilantism is to be regarded as a problem, then the solution must be effective, strong police work. But some of the most prominent voices in the black community seek to undermine the police. This certainly is true in Greensboro.

Oh, my...

"We have so many problems with our local police that a review board is needed. You see, the criminals are not the problem. Instead, the police are the problem.

But strong police work makes Zimmerman-like vigilantism utterly unnecessary."

The East Greensboro Coalition to Make Nelson Johnson the Star Chamber Chief Judge and Prosecutor/Persecutor of GPD reserves the right to demagogue on this issue without being held accountable, particularly when it comes to their hypocritical inconsistencies.

That's just the way it is. Some things will never change in a virtuous political/social/economic agenda paradise like ours, with our pandering politicians, self-appointed elitist arbiters, and our agenda purpose driven media.

Bob and Poli, in case you hadn't seen it, there was another local op-ed piece in the N&R this morning. This one was from a journalism professor at A&T.

He whined about the Zimmerman verdict and all it allegedly meant. But he also used the opportunity to take a shot at the police.

Once again, the biggest risk young black males face-- overwhelmingly-- is OTHER young black males. And the problem is the criminals, not the police. The police, if you treat them as your friend and if they are allowed to work effectively, can help protect those young black males from the predations of others among them.

Triad Conservative. It is not just the local " leaders " but the cue given by Obama, Holder and the two race baiting clowns , Sharpton and Jackson.

Here Maguire raises an intersting point

"July 17, 2013

Imagining If The Races Were Reversed In The Zimmerman Case

I am shocked that the shooting of Chris Cervini by Roderick Scott was overlooked for so long by so many during the Zimmerman hoop-la. Geez, imagine if a black man intent on stopping crime shot a white kid. Or rather than imagine, check this case from upstate New York that unfolded during 2009:

Late Friday evening, a Monroe County jury reached a unanimous verdict in the trial of Roderick Scott: not guilty of manslaughter in the first degree. Scott had gunned down a teenage hoodlum who had been breaking into cars in his neighborhood. The prosecution portrayed it as an act of vigilante behavior run amok; Scott and his defense team presented the incident as the unfortunate result of reasonable behavior by a concerned citizen paired with the foolishness of a teenager under the influence of alcohol, drugs and bad peers.

The kids were caught in the act of breaking into cars and had the drug/alcohol thing, so Scott had that going for him. On the other hand, Scott "had the build of a football player", was never actually struck by any of the teens, and managed to shoot the dead boy twice, once in the back. Ooops.

Unlike Zimmerman, Scott was promptly arrested. Like Zimmerman, he was eventually acquited by a jury that apparently felt his self-defense argument created reasonable doubt.

Here is some eerily prescient speculation from 2009:

Had this same series of events occurred with a different cast of characters, could we expect the public and, more important, the jury, to treat the actors the same way? In this case, Scott was an African American man, his victim a white teenaged male. Had the race of these two been reversed -- a white man shooting an African American youth -- would the trial have received more attention? Would motives have been scrutinized more closely? Would conservative commentators rallied to the shooter's defense (because you know how criminally-inclined those youth are...)? Would activists have championed the cause of the victim as yet another casualty of stereotypes and bigotry? Difficult to say, but all fair questions to ask. Perhaps this community was lucky, in a way, that the characters were cast as they were.

I guess we have some answers there." **

** Maguire at " Just one Minute"

".....and if they are allowed to work effectively, can help protect those young black males from the predations of others among them."

.....which works to dilute the corrupt meme the race baiters need to promote.

Fred, interesting piece.

Bob, indeed.

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