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Thanks Triad Conservative, Excellents points on all issues.

The Civil Rights Museum needs a boost but not from the taxpayers. There is hanky panky going on with the lease of the building that it occupies. The Council needs to ask some hard and pointed questions . Answers are needed before any consideration of the request.

I have no clue about the ethical propriety of Turner's husband's going ons . It certainly a matter that the council needs to address if the grapevine is right.

Regarding a Conversation about race " you saw what happened when Bill O'Reily said the emperor has no clothes on. He is being piloried for pointing out the issue of black on black crime and the connection to a 75% rate out of wedlock births among African Americans . I doubt even he would touch black on white crime but racial animosity is on the rise, homicidally speaking. This will come as no surprise to anybody who isn’t an NPR listener. More Blacks kill way more Whites than the reverse, which strangely is exactly what you don’t hear from the MSM ( that ignores it ) But that is a conversation that won't take place in public .

Yes indeed congrats are in order to Jon Hardister who not only salvaged Wade's bill in essentially the form first presented but also killed the referendum that was added in the house and left the school board seats partisan as originally written.

Now on Obamacare. I am all for Cruz, Paul and Lee but I have one problem . And disappointed in Burr. BUT is there away around this CBO fact..defunding Obamacare through the CR will perhaps affect 1% or 2% of the bill. And it would not affect spending for the expansion of Medicaid, which is almost half of ObamaCare’s cost. Nor would it affect the Exchanges – the subsidies for insurance coverage – that’s also mandatory spending.
If there is a way please tell me.

How can a state constitutional amendment be found unconstitutional by the SCOTUS ? Amendment One has stronger standing than Calif's Prop 8.

Fred, given the history of the last century or so, it appears the US Supreme Court can do nearly whatever it wants. Unless, of course, Congress steps in and restrains it. Or unless the states assert themselves more.

I hope your interpretation regarding the efficacy of defunding is not correct. Had not seen this interpretation previously.

Thanks for the comments, Fred.

TC.. I heard Rubio say that my interpretation on defundin under the CR was correct but that there was a way aroubd it . He was unclear with specifics about just how

OK, Fred; will be interesting to watch. Rubio has disappointed many conservatives on the immigration reform issue. However, he is precisely the type of skilled communicator who could provide leadership in the public eye on the Obamacare defunding issue.

In the House, I understand that Tom Cotton is a rising congressman who also possesses excellent communication skills.

Perhaps there are others.

I think this is a time for the Republican leaders of the House and Senate-- who are poor commuicators-- to allow folks like Rubio and Cotton (and perhaps some others) to deliver the message on TV. They need to tap spokespersons on this issue whose personality and gifts are such that they can be much more effective in front of the American people.

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