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"The Occupy crowd must be awfully disappointed in the great Obama, whose policies overall tend to drive up the cost of energy."

They ought to be awfully disappointed with virtually EVERY domestic policy where Obama has been the Chief Prevaricator. The shameful and disastrous health care "reform" which bears his name comes to mind first, but there are many others to consider.

I favor part of what Hardister is trying to do in aligning the school board districts with the county commisioner seats . Where I part company with him is on having a referrendum to decide if the races will be partisan.

I will remind Jon that Republicans were winning partisan contests for court of appeals and supreme court judgeships . Well what did the Ds do. They made them non-partisan ansd creeped back within one seat of controlling the NCSC. Thanks to help from within and witout the state and a hard and well run campaign Paul Newby prevailed . THANKFULLY !! OR there could been plenty of mischief otherwise

Fred, I agree with you that aligning the school board seats with the commissioners' seats makes sense. You make some good points.

But the referendum is a disastrous cave on the part of the GOP House members. The local education establishment over the years has proved its ability to call out its troops to the polls to influence elections in a powerful way-- when other voters simply don't know the candidates, don't feel as much of a stake, have not heard the issues thrashed out, and have little basis to make a reasoned choice.

These races need to be contested in a meaningful way. They are not currently.

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