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McCain, Lee and McConnell are spineless cowards.

Excellent presentation. I trust all or parts of it will air statewide.

Here is the clincher !

"The Fibber is Caught – Gloria Allred Refuses To Release Yearbook for Independent Authentication…
Posted on November 18, 2017 by sundance

Notorious political/legal activist, and evidence manufacturer, Gloria Allred, represents a woman named Beverly Young-Nelson who claims Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore assaulted her 40 years ago.

Judge Roy Moore stated he’s never personally met Mrs. Nelson but he was assigned -and presided over- her civil divorce case about 18 years ago.

To prove Moore has met Mrs. Nelson, Gloria Allred produced Nelson’s high school yearbook claiming to contain the signature of Roy Moore. However, a review of the signature shows considerable evidence that it is fraudulent. Mr. Moore challenged Allred to present the yearbook for independent authentication. Allred is refusing.

Attorney/activist Allred is demanding a Senate hearing against Roy Moore, which is absurd because the U.S. Senate has no jurisdiction over Moore as a private citizen running for office. Allred, an activist and Democrat delegate, is simply attempting to manufacture a political fiasco to benefit her ideological and partisan endeavors.

The signature appears to be entirely fraudulent and manufactured to create a connection between Mrs. Nelson and Judge Moore."

Fred, there is no limit to the depths to which they will stoop.

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