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I believe one of the men that ran against him (Greg Brannon) warned about moves like this from Thom.

I heard a few people say, "Brannon is a whack", well the "whack" was right. Now who's the whack?!

I agree, Tommy. The whole thing is a shame. Tillis represents almost NOBODY. The only thing he seemingly has gotten right is confirmation votes.

We need a second Special Counsel


Fred, you are absolutely right. It is amazing how the entire crowd trying to push out Trump-- including the media, the left and the establishment GOP-- are so willing to look past all the criminality on the other side.

Thom is trying to save America. Trump will resign before the year is out. Better to get Trump out now. Tillis is smart.

Tillis may be smart, but he is profoundly wrong-headed. And I don't think he is trying to save America. Instead, he is trying to save the prerogatives of the GOP establishment on certain matters.

Save America from what, by the way?

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