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Is it a Republican position that taxpayers ought to pay for PAC's? Ballpark, PAC's, its all the same.

These people don't give a darn about conflict of interests. They only care about their interests. What is a public servant these days? They are anything but. ALL of them.

On another note- is this also a Republican position?http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-08-26/congress-quietly-passed-bill-allowing-warrantless-searches-homes-only-1-opposed-it

This bill affects people only in VA,MD, and DC. The headline is a little misleading.
One should also ask. Is it a Republican position that they take ones rights away? Republicans, SMH.


Tommy, I agree, that bill was terribly wrong. And it appears that the Republican Party is imploding at this point because it is absolutely devoid of principle.

And Fred, yes, the JLF jumped appropriately on the ballpark issue with a number of good articles.

Dirty Politics or Libel?

Your above article contains salacious accusations against me related to the city of High Point’s purchase of land from a Maureen Wagner. I am not related to Maureen Wagner. The author (who’s name does not appear on the article) assumed Maureen was my relative due to the same last name. Had the author contacted me prior to running the story, the error would have easily been cleared up. But was that the point for not reaching out to me for comment? The fact the author claims the “grapevine” is raising the false attack, and then later quotes one of my opponents in the same article raises the question ... could this simply be dirty politics? Because the accusation is false, can hurt my reputation, and was distributed to the public on your blog, is seems like a clear case of libel.

I hereby demand that Triad Conservative retract the article and issue an immediate apology, and that notice of the retraction and apology be linked to Carolina Plott Hound and other news portals linking to your blog.

Jay W. Wagner

Jay, if you read this post again, you will see that no positive assertion or accusation is made that you are related to Ms. Wagner. Instead, the question is asked. The word "if" is used.

You have now provided an answer to the question; and I will add a clarifying statement at the top of the post. Thanks for responding to the post.

An apology and retraction is in order, not a clarification. You can't hide behind the word "if" especially when you could have published a truthful article by simply contacting me in advance.

I really appreciate your point of view on this.

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