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Wow, just wow. Despicable.

I knew this guy was a liberal scumbag, but this takes the prize.


This Bernie Supporter on 'The Young Turks' Network Just Victim-Blamed Steve Scalise for Getting Shot
By PJ Video June 15, 2017

Citing Rep. Steve Scalise's (R-LA) "A+ NRA rating," and his healthcare policies, The Young Turks network's Hasan Piker just victim-blamed him for getting shot "in the ass." He claims the Majority Whip, who is undergoing a third surgery and is in critical condition, may have brought this incident on himself. There has been some violence inciting and extreme political speech over the course of this last political season, but this takes the cake. Scalise isn't even out of the ICU, and Piker thinks it's okay to call him a "white supremacist"?!? He may as well be telling his audience to target Scalise again... And all while wearing a camouflage militaristic jacket!

Share on Facebook if you can't believe somebody with a media spotlight would actually use such extremist language to describe the shooting while the Congressman is still in critical condition.


Fred, one could argue that all of this is the natural conclusion of what the Democrats and their allies have been working toward for many decades. No surprises here.

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