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Stein is a shameless weasel.

Since 1901 North Carolina has elected only one Republican Attorney General. Why ? Anyone !

Gov. Cooper and liberal special interest groups have turned to the courts to obstruct or undo measures passed by the legislature . Although Republicans hold the edge at the NC Court of Appeals , losing the Edmunds seat was disasterous.

They are using the Democrat weighted 4th circuit for the same type of mischief.

So Republicans , it seems, must control all three branchs of government ( at federal and state levels ) to accomplish anything lasting.

The trial ( GSO city council bill ) before US district court Judge Eagles appears to be a farce. Reading the N&R account of the proceedings it appears that no defense was mounted and the result was known before the judge hands down her verdict for the plaintiffs .

As far as the temporary travel ban from 7 terrorist countries .. well they don't call it the " 9th Circus " for nothing.

You are absolutely right, Fred.

The hapless Republicans blow it, time and time again. It is their default mode.

But what is really needed is fundamental reform and restructuring of the judiciary. And if all else fails, defund it.

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