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Joe wrote:

"Within the Republican Party, we can point to the influence of corporate soft money and perhaps an internal struggle for power. In fact, both parties are showered with copious amounts of corporate monies."

And quoted Pat Buchanan:

"Big money and the media power of the establishment elites and the transnationals may well prevail."

But where was Buchanan and the rest of the right when the Left was screaming about corporations as people? Now the very thing they refused to help overturn has come back to destroy them.

Trump-Hillary, we might as well elect them both.

Billy, I think Buchanan has been one of the few who have been fairly consistent over the years. He has been opposed to the Bush wing of the Republican Party for decades.

But in fact, it increasingly does not matter what any of us thinks. The "establishment" is formidable from the standpoint of being very difficult to oppose and defeat. Trump's candidacy is obviously very atypical. And electing Trump is no guarantee that things will be different. We shall see what happens. I hope, if he is elected, that he is able to follow through on his campaign representations.

What can be done about this Jewish problem, Joe? Are there any solutions you recommend?

I agree, Ed, that there certainly is a problem. It is especially a problem that the religious liberty of orthodox Christians is being taken away.

But to answer your question, I think conservatives and Christians need to turn off the mainstream media-- both news and entertainment-- to the extent that they can... to the maximum extent possible. In fact, that needed to happen a long time ago.

There is also the question of disparities and "gaps". To remedy the issue of overrepresentation in certain places-- the media, the Supreme Court, corporate leadership/ownership and Wall Street-- I suppose we could resort to commonly pursued progressive solutions-- for instance, externally imposed quotas, goals, etc. After all, when one group is overrepresented, another is underrepresented.

Or perhaps, as Billy suggests, we need to limit or restrict campaign contributions (monetary, labor,, in-kind or otherwise) from any entity, corporate or otherwise-- except individual human beings... along with the usual contribution limits. Of course, there might be constitutional issues, but it IS a potential solution.

After all, much of the money pouring in now is directed by bad actors. The corporate community and big money contributors are no longer a force for good in this country. And the mainstream media is not, either.

The problem with the suggestions in the last two paragraphs, of course, is that these are not quintessentially conservative solutions. I don't claim to have an answer to that dilemma.

Perhaps the most important thing is that people need to be aware of the depth of the problem. Many are not.

I should add that tuning out the mainstream media is not sufficient. In fact, we ought to be cutting our cable or satellite TV cords completely, or at least reduce service to the most limited level with only local channels. That also needed to happen a long time ago. When we pay for cable TV channels, we subsidize some of the very worst players in American life.

I think you would find substantial support for limits on campaign cash, although perhaps less support if those limits applied only to certain ethnic or religious groups (not sure that last part is included in your suggestion).

When you speak about quotas on Jews for certain private sector jobs, who would impose and enforce such quotas? Do you envision some sort of political litmus test that would allow Jews who agree with your views? Would you also want to increase representation in these sectors for others groups currently less visible among them, e.g. blacks or Hispanics?

Ed, I think you misinterpret. Let's assume that the massive overrepresentation of American Jews is on Wall Street, or in the Ivy League universities, or the judiciary and the Supreme Court, or in the media. Think about what progressives did when blacks were underrepresented in various fields. They set quotas for them or goals to increase their representation. So let's apply that to the areas where Jewish folks are overrepresented. Find the groups that are underrepresented, and apply quotas or goals to increase their representation. It seems that if it was fair to do that for one group, it should be fair to do it for all others that are underrepresented.

There would be no need for this option to be floated if all that power and influence had been used responsibly by the preponderance of Jewish people in key positions of power and influence. But it has not been, unfortunately.

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