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I doubt it.

The Tea Party faithful would rather support someone with zero chance of being elected.

Sometimes, candidates deemed "electable" turn out to be real duds when serving as elected officials, or corrupt, or both. The general public needs a better framework for evaluating candidates.

At this point, the only thing that matters is the message. As we've seen, we can't count on any follow through with whatever that message is. Which is why I, who have never watched or ever liked him, will at this point be voting Trump. The only hope I see is to show that the message he is selling can be elected overwhelmingly.

I luv Cruz (and Carson), but even though he's burned all his bridges with the republican elite, he still tip toes around issues. He can't do what needs to be done without exciting the people to action.

Even simple people can do the simple math of immigration vs available jobs, etc.. Much less illegal immigration...

Matt, thanks for your comments. And your perceptions are entirely justified. Conservative voters have been betrayed so many times by GOP elected officials that we have come to expect this will continue to happen.

Cruz seems different. But that is no guarantee he would be able to get his program through Congress. My own misgivings regarding Cruz include his inclination to support free trade; and an interventionist/internationalist foreign policy and military stance when it is clear the American people no longer are motivated to support it over the long haul, and when we are so deeply in debt.


Actions speak louder than words.

Cruz has time and time again exposed the RINO lies.

Cruz has done so despite everyone telling him it is political suicide. He stays with his principles.

Basically, Cruz went to the House Republicans to force Boehner out. Those ACTIONS got results. Name another Republican savvy enough to accomplish that feat.

Called Mitch McConnell a liar on the Senate floor. Mitch McConnell did not deny Cruz's claim. Name another Republican that has done that.

Cruz has never joined any of those "get along" committees like McCain, Rubio, and Graham. Even though Rubio quit his committee, he still drank the Kool-Aid.

Cruz will have the ability Ronald Reagan had to go directly to the American people and have them go after their local representatives to influence the voting.

Tea Party members elected Renee Ellmers. The RNC knew she was backed by the Tea Party and would not even give her money to help with her vote recount.

Then what does Renee do, dump the Tea Party and went RINO. Now where is Renee getting her money? Outside North Carolina. May as well have re-elected Etheridge. Hopefully, she will lose this time around. My district was moved to David Price. Now I can't vote her out.

I know Cruz won't go RINO. He has proven that.

Carson, Trump, and Fiorina, all rhetoric at this point. Been there done that with Ellmers.

Going with Cruz.

Myown, thanks, and yes, Cruz has shown many good attributes. Among the Republicans, he is probably my second choice behind Rand Paul, who has unfortunately hurt himself. But I'm a Constitution Party guy, and in my opinion, all the Republican candidates have certain weaknesses.

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