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There seems to be a lesser of the three evils here from what I read. The issue is if GH loses the primary then where do conservatives place there vote, Nancy or Robbie. The flip side is that GH comes in second in the primary then who gets knocked out.
I think Robbie is playing hard as I see signs all around, Nancy is getting ready to come out shooting soon, GH is getting his name out.

The problem here is how many voters will show up, I predict less that 10%. The part I find funny about the whole thing is that people complain about Voter ID laws but dont vote. I talked with 7 people this week who complained about it but have not voted in years and asking them to vote in the city primary seems to be a mission. I take voting serious and have voted since I turned 18 and I am not 42. I catch people in lies all the time about voting, one person told me he votes every year and voted for me, the NC board of election states that he only voted in three presidential elections, only the general, he is a dem so I dont get it.

Lets all get people to the polls, lots at stake.

"There seems to be a lesser of the three evils here from what I read. The issue is if GH loses the primary then where do conservatives place there vote, Nancy or Robbie.".

Sal, I would skip the mayoral race in that event, and move on to the other races on the ballot. I would not vote for either Nancy or Robbie, because they are equally bad. Various parties are offering endorsements; and will recommend either Nancy or Robbie, with various rationalizations and justifications. But these are both ultraliberal politicians.

Vaughan is Perkins Lite, a less obnoxious version of the malady that infects Our Fair City. As mayor, Vaughan would amount to little more than a re-shuffling of the topside deck chairs on the Titanic.

Bob, you are absolutely right. Nancy Vaughan might be a bit different from Robbie-- from a stylistic standpoint. But from a substantive standpoint, she is almost precisely the same politically.

We need to understand the difference between style and substance. On matters of substance, Nancy is NOT Perkins Lite. She is, in fact, almost a Perkins Clone on matters of substance.

The election will be interesting this year, two top players running for Mayor. The outcome will be either GH wins and both Robbie and Nancy are out or GH loses and Nancy or Robbie will be Mayor.
There are good and bad in everybody these days, Nancy has people skills and is liked by most she meets, Robbie is skilled in making deals. The question is who do you want. The Dist 4 race will be interesting with Knight and Hoffman.

The primary will tell all and I expect the heat to turn up after the final two Mayor candidates are selected, with that said I look for Nancy to come on strong, she knows politics and will fight hard.

Sal, no matter what the final outcome turns out to be, I expect Nancy will fare much better than she truly deserves.

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